Dear Customer:

The Region of Peel Public Works department regularly maintains and repairs the water

system to make sure you have a reliable supply of quality drinking water. Sometimes we

must turn off your water supply while we do the work. In the next few days, we will be

working in your area and will have to turn off your water for a few hours.

Your water will be turned off on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, if the weather is bad or if a problem arises, we will reschedule the work and will let you know the new date and time.

When we turn the water back on, air in the pipes may make the water cloudy and your

plumbing may vibrate or make noise. If this happens, you can remove the air by briefly

turning on your taps from the lowest to the highest faucet in the building (that is, starting

in the basement/first floor, and finishing on the top floor). Flush the toilets as well.

You should only have to run the water for 10 to 30 seconds, but keep running it until the

water is clear and any vibration or noise has stopped.

If your water meter starts to leak, call Water Meter Installations Dispatch at:

· (905) 791 – 7800 Ext. 3226 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday to Friday


C: Fire Department – Town of Caledon

J. Downey – Regional Councillor, Ward 2

Rose Dias, Sherry Taylor – Region of Peel (Dispatch)

Customer Contact Centre – Region of Peel

Public Works Customer Service – Region of Peel

Chris Misurka – Region of Peel (Supervisor, Meter Installations)

Al Marques, C. Costante – Region of Peel (Meter Installations)

R. Ierullo – Region of Peel (Supervisor, Inspections)

E. Senko, S. Drody – Region of Peel (Inspections)

C. Walters, Cindy Houston, Region of Peel (Operations)

Water Quality – Region of Peel


Date and Time: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: Tundra Road and Stowmarket Street

Note: No Residents will be out of water during this hook-up

Project #: T-14002Ca

Regional Inspector: Jim Armstrong

Telephone #: (905)791-7800 Ext. 3246/3247


Significant Weather Event – Briefing

Service Caledon is receiving numerous calls from residents re: flooding.

Caledon Fire is currently responding to reports of flooding in Inglewood and Bolton.

Roads and Fleet are consistently monitoring areas with historical flood pronged areas.


  • 7-8 homes in the McLaughlin Rd / OldeBase Line area are flooded. Caledon Fire personnel are conducting visits to the homes to check on residents’ well-being and check for hazards.
  • According to Credit Valley CA gauges both up and downstream of Inglewood, water levels peaked late yesterday or early this morning at 70-80cm above bank, however these levels have plateaued or slightly subsided (1pm).


  • Caledon Fire is investigating reports of an ice jam on the Humber River at Old King Road which is resulting in adjacent flooding. One elderly resident may have to be relocated.
  • It is also monitoring 3 to 4 bridges in the Bolton area, east of Hwy 50, for ice jams.


·   Caledon Fire is currently investigating reports of flooding in Inglewood and Bolton.


·    We strongly encourage residents to exercise caution around rivers, creeks and other bodies of water.


·    Thank you for reporting it. We will pass this information on to our Road Operations team who will assess the situation.


 If you expect that your basement might flood, do the following – but only if it is safe to do so:

-Move furniture, electrical appliances, pets, equipment and other belongings to higher levels of your home.

-Make sure all basement windows are closed.**


·    Please call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency

·    If you have insurance, contact your insurance company immediately to report any problems. Your Insurance Company can recommend the services of a qualified contractor experienced in mitigating and restoring the damage sustained.

·    If you do not have insurance, contact an experienced restoration contractor to ensure the damage is mitigated and properly restored.

·         Monitor the rest of your property and either use sandbags or other apparatus to prevent water from entering your home.

 How to reduce the risk of basement flooding



 Never cross a flooded area

  • If you are on foot, fast water could sweep you away.
  • If you are in a car, do not drive through flood waters or underpasses. The water may be deeper than it looks and your car could get stuck or swept away by fast water.
  • Avoid crossing bridges if the water is high and flowing quickly.
  • If you are caught in fast-rising waters and your car stalls, leave it and save yourself and your passengers


Credit Valley CA real-time water levels:



Human Services Websites Launched at ROP

Human Services websites have been launched in the following service areas:

The new sites were redesigned to make it easier for Peel residents to get the services they need.

The sites have the following features:

·       Plain language – the content was re-written for ease of understanding

·       Meets – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act standards

  • New visual design – that is aligned to the Region’s Brand and Digital Standard
  • Mobile-enabled

·       Easy Google searches

Service Access


·       Housing and Shelter – applying for a housing subsidy is easier for residents, with plain language that helps them understand what they need to know; we’ve also made finding emergency shelters simpler.


·       Child Care Subsidy and Supports –  the use of clear, simple titles and content makes it easier for residents to apply for a child care fee subsidy, determine eligibility or find child care programs and supports.


·       Financial assistance and Ontario Works –  residents have enhanced access to financial help, such as paying bills and funeral costs, and Ontario Works.





February 11, 2018 is 211 Day

February 11, 2018 is 211 Day!

211 is an award-winning 3-digit phone and online service helping Ontarians connect to the complete range of government and community-based health and social services. Calls from every corner of Ontario are answered 24×7, in over 150 languages by professional Social Service Navigators who are trained to assess caller needs, and to refer callers to the most appropriate resources and services.

Learn more about 211 and how we support the work of social service organizations like yours.
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