Thank You

As I get closer to voting day I am struck by the movement of time.  How different my life was a mere 8 months ago.  I knew little of the game and less of its players.  That was until one fateful evening in January when a lifelong friend said to me; “You have what it takes, every position you have had, every relationship you have fostered, every community group you support, you are and will continue to be an asset to our community”.  That was it; the turning point, my life changed in an instant.
Then there was the phone.  My phone started ringing the moment I signed up.  It became this ‘thing’. It wasn’t what I was doing, it was what we were doing. My family, my friends and my community together.  I learned quickly that politics is not an individual sport:  you need a team.

I had people. I had skilled, intelligent, hardworking people.  These people have been willing and ready at a moments notice.  Stuffing envelopes or mailboxes, working on press releases, jumping into fundraising, staying for late night meetings, updating twitter, raising signs, attending events, and of course door knocking, door knocking, and more door knocking.

Everyone brought their own skills to the table to get the job done. They never questioned what had to be done or why, and they reassured me when I was the one questioning myself.  People were excited to be a part of something great. They believed in me, but more importantly they believed in Caledon!  They knew Caledon is something special, unique, and amazing. Our community so strongly reflects the nature of its residents.

How can one individual ever possibly repay the acts of kindness and generosity that have been shown over the course of this campaign?

This dedicated team of people have come together to help me promote myself within our community. When was the last time 50 of your closest friends and neighbours came with you to a job interview?  We are in the eleventh hour, ballots will be cast and lives will change.
Whatever the outcome maybe, my personal goal will always be to acknowledge those working hard to make a difference in the community we call home.  Those who realize you must get in the game yourself. For all of those who have helped a little, or a lot, I wish to express the utmost gratitude and to those whom I have been so fortunate to have stand beside me.



One comment on “Thank You

  1. Ted Webb says:

    Congratulations Joanna!

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