Imagine. Plan. Play!

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Imagine. Plan. Play!

Caledon launches town-wide consultation for parks and recreation

At the halfway point in its parks and recreation master plan, Caledon’s Parks and Recreation department has launched the Imagine. Plan. Play! campaign – a visioning exercise to check the state of municipal recreation services, both today and into the future. The visioning exercise will also seek community input on ways to fund increased services, and develop a planning strategy to meet the wishes identified by the community.

“Parks and recreation services contribute to the very fabric of any community,” said Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson. “I encourage everyone to be involved in this visioning exercise. We want to hear your answers to some tough questions including: how are we doing; what do we need to start doing, or stop doing; and how do we pay for increased and enhanced services?”

Over the next two months, there are a number of ways for the public to participate. Town-wide public workshops have been scheduled, online surveys, paper surveys, a telephone survey and social media campaigns will be used to collect input and generate conversations. Visit to learn more or follow #imagineplanplay and join the conversations.

“The recreation and parks master plan, a 10-year planning document, was adopted in 2010 with the recommendation that a mid-way check-in be conducted to assess the relevance of the recommendations,” said Laura Johnston, Director, Parks and Recreation. “Given some of the recent significant developments, such as the closure of the Caledon Central Pool, the addition of the Palgrave Community Hall at the Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park, and the need to start planning for a facility for Mayfield West, the timing of this consultation couldn’t be more perfect.”

Caledon maintains 71 parks, 47 playgrounds, 43 sports fields and over 40 km of trails that were visited by over 30,000 people last year. The town operates 12 recreation centres, provides year-round programs and hosts over 1.2 million visitors each year. Caledon’s parks and recreation department delivers key community events including the Walk of Fame, Caledon Community Recognition Night, Caledon Day, and this year is leading the community towards the Pan Am Games in Caledon.

The Imagine. Plan. Play! campaign runs until mid-June, with the final report and presentation to council in July.

 Can’t make an Open House?  You can still have your say!  Take the survey:


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