Cheltenham Badlands – Update

Hello & Happy Long Weekend,

I have received many calls and emails in regards to the Cheltenham Badlands. Today the Ontario Heritage Trust will start Construction on a fence to close the site for a much needed break from foot traffic (erosion) and vehicle traffic (multiple accidents and unsafe road conditions).

Due to the volume of tourists this site sees it has become necessary to conduct an overall review of the site. This will result in the site re-opening with the addition of walking paths, viewing platforms and adequate parking.

I would ask that this season you spread the word and take in the many other trails and sites Caledon has to offer, festivals and village events. The Badlands need a break.

Here are a few key points to remember;

• The Ontario Heritage Trust is committed to ensuring the long-term protection and preservation of the Cheltenham Badlands for the benefit of present and future generations.

• The Trust and our partners are pleased to be moving forward with a Master Plan that will improve public safety, ensure the long-term protection of the Badlands and explore options for public enjoyment and understanding of the site.

• Through the Master Planning process, local residents and the public will have an opportunity to provide comments during public consultations. This dialogue is an important part of the planning process and the feedback provided will help to inform the Master Plan.

• The high volume of visitors to the site is causing accelerated erosion, permanently changing the unique appearance of the Badlands. The fence is a temporary measure to protect the site from further damage, while the Master Planning process is underway.

• As the Master Plan progresses, the Trust and our partners are committed to raising the necessary funds to implement the plan. We hope that community members and the public will also come forward to support this initiative.

Key Facts:

• The striking landscape of the Cheltenham Badlands is one of Ontario’s geological, natural heritage treasures.

• The Cheltenham Badlands is one of the best examples of Badland topography in Ontario.

• The exposed bedrock at the Cheltenham Badlands is Queenston Shale; this iron-rich shale was deposited over 445 million years ago.

• Due to removal of vegetation during land clearing and livestock grazing in the early 1900s, the shale has eroded into a series of hummocks and gullies, producing the distinctive landscape.

• Today, the Cheltenham Badlands is recognized as a provincially significant Earth Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest.


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