Updates on Kennedy Road Construction in the Town of Caledon

Updates on Kennedy Road Construction in the Town of Caledon

1) NEW! Temporary Traffic Signals have now been timed to assist with traffic flow

Traffic signals have now been installed at both Kennedy Rd./Old School Rd. and Heart Lake Rd./Old School Rd. Timing has been adjusted to assist with traffic flow.


Kennedy Road/Old School Road and Heart Lake Road/Old School Road traffic signal installations have been completed. The Town has been monitoring and will continue to monitor the signal timing at Kennedy/Old School, and today they have made adjustments to the signal timing, to allow for longer times for northbound traffic to exit the area during the morning rush.

2) UPDATE – Emergency Response Measures during Kennedy Road Construction in Caledon

The Town has several emergency response measures in place to alleviate the emergency response concerns. Safety of residents is a top priority.


* The Town will ensure there are two access points into the Southfields Development 24 hours a day for emergency vehicles. Caledon Fire’s Chief On-Call Officer will be notified immediately if access to either route is compromised.

* If there is a requirement to temporarily shut down one of the access roads, Caledon Fire will be notified and will immediately provide a stand-by vehicle to the local area during peak times.

* District Chief for Station 307 (2 Snelcrest Drive) will continue to monitor the access routes into Southfields development, including access from the south.

3) UPDATE – Construction progress is advancing according to schedule on work alongside Highway 410.


North of Highway 410 – Update

Construction work north of the 410 bridge now has site services installed. Curbs are installed, the sidewalk on the west side is now complete, and electrical preparation for street lighting is complete. Road surfacing is nearing completion.

South of Highway 410 – Update

Work is progressing well south of the 410 bridge to Snellview Boulevard with storm sewers complete and road widening base now complete and ready for finishing. Curbs are installed and Electrical preparation work for street lighting has begun.

4) BACKGROUND – Why is there construction on Kennedy Road?

Improvements to Kennedy Road from Mayfield Road to the southern limits of the Abbotside Way are underway, to meet the expected increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic demands along the Kennedy Road corridor. Improvements include:

• Widening of Kennedy Road to a four-lane urban cross-section with left turn lanes;

• Installation of a sidewalk on the east side and a multi-use path on the west side; and,

• Improvements to sewers to manage stormwater.

Residents in the area have seen heavy traffic back-ups during commuter rush-hour and at other times of the day. The Town takes these impacts seriously and is working to alleviate the congestion as soon as possible. Caledon OPP are aware of the situation and have been at this location to manage traffic flow when possible. Please adjust your schedule accordingly and drive with caution and patience. With over 1,500 residents living in the area, this will continue to be an area of impact during this project.

TIMELINE for completion: Construction work required to reopen Kennedy Road targeted to be November 30, 2015.


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