The Caledon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween!

Hallowe’en is a cherished tradition, but the excitement of the night can certainly cause children to forget how to be safe.  Safety starts even before the children go out.  The following are safety tips for children, parents and motorists.

Pumpkin Carving:

  • Do not let small children carve pumpkins.  Sharp knives and little hands are a bad combination.  Allow the children to dig out the insides and then draw a face on the pumpkin with markers.  Have an adult carve out the face.
  • Place your pumpkin on a sturdy table or the floor well away from where the trick or treaters will be walking. Make sure that it is kept away from flammable objects and materials such as curtains.


  • Hallowe’en costumes should not have a mask. Masks restrict the child’s sight and their view of traffic dangers.  Washable face paint allows a child to see their surroundings better.
  • Make sure that the costume is not oversized, as the child can trip on the fabric.

  No oversized shoes or high heels.

  • The costume should have reflective tape on it so that they can be easily seen by motorists.   If no reflective tape is available, have them carry a flashlight or a glow stick.
  • Small children should not go out alone. Try to go out “trick or treating” when it is light out and in a group.  Children should always be accompanied by a parent or adult if going out after dark.
  • Older children should plan a safe route for themselves and their friends to follow while going door to door.  Set a specific time to be home by.  Parents make sure your child is old enough and responsible enough to go out on their own and that they are trick or treating in a group.
    • Stay in neighbourhoods that you know. Only go to homes that are well lit. If the home is in darkness, pass it by.
    • Do not go into homes or apartments even if you are invited.
    • Be cautious of strangers and vehicles on the street.
    • Do not run from door to door and don’t cut across front lawns. There may be objects or other obstructions you may not see which could cause you to trip.
    • Obey the safety rules when crossing the street. Only cross in well-lit areas.
    • Children should not snack on their treats while trick or treating.  Take your entire Hallowe’en loot home and have parents inspect it.  Look for wrappers that have been tampered with, pin holes in packages, loose or torn wrappers.

    If you’re suspicious, throw them away.  Although homemade caramel popcorn balls, cookies and candy apples are nice and usually well intended by the giver, they can also be dangerous. Dispose of them as well unless you know and trust who gave them to you.

    Tips for motorists:

    • If you witness any suspicious behaviour, call police immediately.
    • Drive slowly and be alert, especially in built up areas where children may be.

    During the excitement of trick or treating, children may dart out from between parked cars.

    • Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs.
    • Enter and exit driveways and alley ways carefully.

    Tips for Parents:

    • Before the children go trick or treating, make sure that the child has eaten.

    This may prevent them from eating their treats while out.  Caution them not to eat anything before you have a chance to inspect it.

    • It is recommended that a parent or responsible adult always accompany small children, even when in a group.
    • If older children are going out without the company of a parent or responsible adult, know who they are with. Instruct them to stay together and stay on a planned route.  Have them only go in areas that they are familiar with.
      • Review the safety rules relating to traffic and strangers.
      • Establish when they are coming home.
      • Provide your child with a flashlight, or glow stick and at the very least, attempt to ensure that their costume is light or bright in colour and has reflective strips attached to it.
      • When you greet trick or treaters at your door, make sure the area is well lit.

      Pick up any obstructions such as garden hoses, bicycles, tools or other obstructions that pose a hazard. Clean wet leaves from your sidewalks.

      • Pumpkins with candles in them should be placed in a safe location.

      Let’s all have a Safe and fun Halloween!


Kennedy Road Construction in the Town of Caledon – October 19, 2015

Kennedy Road Construction in the Town of Caledon – October 19, 2015

UPDATE: Emergency Response Measures during Kennedy Road Construction in Caledon

As safety of the residents is a top priority, the Town of Caledon has several emergency response measures in place which are as follows:


* The Town will ensure there are two access points into the Southfields Development 24 hours a day for emergency vehicles. Caledon Fire’s Chief On-Call Officer will be notified immediately if access to either route is compromised.

* If there is a requirement to temporarily shut down one of the access roads, Caledon Fire will be notified and will immediately provide a stand-by vehicle to the local area during peak times.

* District Chief for Station 307 (2 Snelcrest Drive) will continue to monitor the access routes into Southfields development, including access from the south.

UPDATE: Construction progress is advancing according to schedule along Kennedy Road.


* Traffic Signals Installations – Update

Kennedy Road/Old School Road and Heart Lake Road/Old School Road traffic signal installations have been completed. The Town continues to monitor the signal timing at Kennedy/Old School and makes adjustments as required.

Snellview Boulevard /Mayfield Road traffic signal installation is expected to start later this month. Currently, parts including electrical components and poles have been ordered and are arriving to Site. Traffic signal timing has been prepared by the Region of Peel.

* North of Highway 410 – Update

Road granular subbase and curb installation are completed and ready for base asphalt. Paving, boulevard grading, East/West sidewalks, and street light installation remain.

* South of Highway 410 to Snellview Boulevard – Update

Road granular subbase and curb installation are completed and ready for base asphalt. Paving, boulevard grading, East/West sidewalks, street light installation, and underground utility relocation remain.

* Snellview Boulevard to Mayfield Road – Update

Roadway subgrade excavation and East/West utility relocation complete. Site service installation, granular subbase installation, curbs, paving, boulevard grading, East/West sidewalks, and street light installation remain.


Why is there construction on Kennedy Road?

Improvements to Kennedy Road from Mayfield Road to the southern limits of the Abbotside Way are underway, to meet the expected increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic demands along the Kennedy Road corridor.

Improvements include:

* Widening of Kennedy Road to a four-lane urban cross-section with left turn lanes;

* Installation of a sidewalk on the east side and a multi-use path on the west side; and,

* Improvements to sewers to manage stormwater.

Residents in the area have seen heavy traffic back-ups during commuter rush-hour and at other times of the day. The Town takes these impacts seriously and is working to alleviate the congestion as soon as possible.

Please adjust your schedule accordingly and drive with caution and patience. With over 1,500 residents living in the area, this will continue to be an area of impact during this project.


Timeline for completion: Construction work required to reopen Kennedy Road targeted to be November 30, 2015.

Town of Caledon announces Adults 55+ Strategic Plan

Town of Caledon announces Adults 55+ Strategic Plan

“By 2031, 31% of Caledon’s population is projected to be aged 55 and over. The impact of this demographic shift will mean greater demand on the development and delivery of municipal and regional services.” – Hemson Consulting, long term forecasts of the population age structure by Service Delivery Area

With the assistance of the Seniors Advisory Committee (active during the 2010 to 2014 term of Council), the Town launched an initiative to develop an Adults 55+ Strategic Plan. A top priority of the plan is ensuring Caledon residents can age in place and remain a vital part of the Caledon community.

“The resilience and sustainability of Caledon’s community will depend on the contributions of the Seniors in our community,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “I am very pleased with the work of the dedicated members of the Advisory Committee, Task Force, Staff and Council to bring the needs of the senior community together in a succinct, progressive and manageable way. This plan sets the stage for our community to grow and support our senior population.”

Council adopted the Adults 55+ Strategic Plan on September 29, 2015, showing full support for the plan and the following 6 Goals:

Goal 1: To Ensure the Human and Financial Resources are Available to Support the Strategy

Goal 2: To Ensure Caledon Residents can Age-in-Place

Goal 3: To Ensure Adults Aged 55 and over are Socially Integrated in the Community

Goal 4: To Enhance Programs and Services for Adults Aged 55 and Over and to Continue to Participate and Support Existing Partnerships and Form New Ones

Goal 5: To Improve Outreach

Goal 6: To Support Additional Transportation Resources for Adults Aged 55 and Over in the Community

The Town’s Seniors Task Force will work with Staff to formulate the importance of the deliverables and establish the best approach for completing each item over the next three years. Full details of the plan can be viewed online at:

How was the Seniors Strategy developed?

In an effort to prepare and plan for the future to ensure Caledon residents aged 55 and over are adequately serviced, the Town retained the services of urbanMetrics Consulting Inc. to work with the community to develop an Adults 55+ Strategic Plan.

To facilitate the discussion, a survey was conducted and distributed to identify the specific challenges and concerns faced in the community. As a result of the public engagement components, 551 Caledon residents responded to the survey, 14 stakeholder groups provided input and 40 residents participated in the workshop.

The development of the Adults 55+ Strategic Plan followed framework consistent with elements of the Age Friendly Designation through the World Health Organization. The components explored through the development of the Plan include, Housing, Social Participation and Integration, Outdoor Spaces and Facilities, Transportation, Respect and Social Inclusion, Civic Participation, Communication and Information and Community and Health Supports.

Please visit the Town’s website to view the complete Adults 55+ Strategic Plan or call 905.584.2272 x. 4288.


Two important public meetings on October 13th.


From Terra Cotta:

Meet the Candidates Meeting Oct 13 2015
Doors Open 7pm @ Terra Cotta Community Centre
Candidates and Moderator are all fired up for a lively meeting.  Andrew Welch will be acting as moderator and time-keeper for this meeting. The Community Centre will be open by at 7pm to allow  to have some one-on-one time with the candidates.

At 7:30, the meeting will be brought to order and begin with a 4-minute presentation from each of the candidates. After that questions will be asked and each candidate will have 2-minutes to answer each of the questions.  After the prepared questions have been answered, we will turn to questions from the floor. Each candidate will have 2-minutes to answer each question.  Once all of the question time is over, each candidate will have an opportunity to make a 4-minute closing remark.
Please feel free to send any questions to our moderator   .
Andrew Welch

Caledon switches to LED streetlights

Caledon switches to LED streetlights

Phase One of a LED streetlight project is underway in Caledon.   Approximately one quarter of the Town’s streetlights will be replaced with light-emitting diode (LED) technology.    This will result in energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and a higher quality of light.   Installation of these new fixtures is expected to be completed by end of November.

“The Town is pleased to be initiating a LED streetlight retrofit project on its cobrahead style streetlights. As a municipality with a green leadership record, LEDs deliver multiple environmental and economic benefits.  Pending budget approval, Town staff is also considering a proposed Phase 2 to address the remaining decorative streetlight fixtures,” said Mayor Allan Thompson.

While consuming much less energy, LEDs produce a clear, white light that improves night visibility and community safety. The beams of LEDs are also more targeted than traditional streetlights to light only the streets and roadways, which helps reduce light pollution. LED streetlights also last four to five times longer than the existing streetlights, significantly reducing maintenance costs and annually reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 56 metric tonnes — the equivalent of the carbon removed by 1,436 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

The project was initiated and designed by Ontario’s Local Authority Services (LAS) and RealTerm Energy using new LED streetlights from CREE Canada, a LED manufacturer.  To date, more than 130 municipalities in Ontario have upgraded to LED street lighting.

Project Overview

Total number of streetlights                                    1,509

Electricity consumption reduction                             40-60%

Estimated annual greenhouse gas reduction          56 metric tonnes, the equivalent of the greenhouse gas removed by 1,436 tree seedlings grown for 10 years