Help Refugees of the Syrian Crisis settle in Peel

Since 2011, more than 4 million Syrians have fled their homeland to escape the civil war.

The Canadian Government has committed to resettling 25,000 refugees in Canada. Approximately 10,000 Syrian refugees will arrive by the end of the year. The entire 25,000 is expected by the end of February.

United Ways across the country are working with community partners to advise where one can go for help. 211 is emerging as the ‘front door’ for Canadians wishing to help Syrian refugees or support the refugee settlement sector.

Here at home, the Peel Syrian Refugee Resettlement Committee has been struck to ensure the capacity of the human services sector to support refugees who find their way to Peel. This Committee is being Co-Chaired by Gayle Bursey, Acting Commissioner of Human Services, Region of Peel and Shelley White, President and CEO, United Way of Peel Region.

Find out how you can help here through the United Way.

Click here for LifelineSyria to help.

Ask how you can help through Caledon Community Services.



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