Ontario to Review Greater Toronto Area West Corridor Project

Ontario to Review Greater Toronto Area West Corridor Project

December 16, 2015 10:00 A.M.

The Ministry of Transportation has suspended its work on the environmental assessment of the Greater Toronto Area West Highway Corridor (GTA West). The project will be reviewed and an update will be provided in spring 2016.

Ontario is making unprecedented investments in public transit and transportation infrastructure to help manage congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the province’s economy. With new emerging technologies and a steadfast commitment to protect our natural heritage in Ontario, including the Greenbelt, it is essential to have a forward looking plan when it comes to relieving congestion.

The Ministry of Transportation would like to thank those who have participated in previously held public information centres as part of the environmental assessment process. No further public information centres will be scheduled at this time.


” Having the right transportation network in place that builds on our climate change commitments, our ability to embrace new and emerging technologies and the sharing economy, will help us plan for a flexible transportation system that adapts to our quickly changing landscape and positions our province for success for generations to come. ” – Steven Del Duca Minister of Transportation

Article from The Toronto Star



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