The Region’s bi-weekly, cart-based waste collection starts this week (January 4th, 2016).  Residents are reminded to start putting their carts at the curb this week on their new collection day. You can check their new collection day at peelregion.ca/waste.
Under the bi-weekly collection program, residents will put out either their garbage or recycling cart the first week in January.  Organics carts can be placed at the curb weekly.  Personalized collection calendars are available at peelregion.ca/waste.
On your collection day:
  • place carts at the curb by 7 a.m.
  • face carts with handles toward the house
  • space your carts an arms-length apart
  • ensure cart lids are closed and the organics cart is locked
For more information and quick videos about using the new waste carts visit peelregion.ca/waste. You can also enter your address and find your schedule, as well as find out ‘what do I do with…’ items, and your Christmas Tree.

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