Ice Storm Update 09:00hrs

Good Morning-

Ice Storm Update 09:00hrs

Caledon has been hit very hard by heavy ice accumulations.

According to Hydro One’s outage map approximately 6000 residents in Caledon are without power. Areas of Caledon affected include parts of or all of Mono Mills, Caledon East, Ingelwood, Cheltenham, Palgrave, Bolton, Alton, and Snelgrove. Surrounding areas like Orangeville, Grand Valley, Erin, Alliston and Beeton are also without power. They are estimating that power may not be restored until at least 16:00hrs today.

Emergency Services has responded to almost 45 calls for service including one major house fire , we are experiencing delays in service due to icy road conditions and trees across roadways.

Fire management will work out of Caledon East until situation improves.

Conditions may deteriorate until mid-afternoon as a special weather statement has been issued for high winds which may increase power outages.

Darryl Bailey

Deputy Fire Chief

Fire & Emergency Services


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