Media Release: OPEN AIR BURN PERMITS – Fire Hazard Index is Moderate, Use Caution!

Caledon Fire & Emergency Services encourages the public to use caution when burning. With the spring season upon us, there is an increased potential for grass fires. With grass and brush starting to dry out, it is very easy for fire to spread uncontrollably with a little bit of wind. Unattended burning is the most common cause of grass fires. Burning carelessly and improperly discarding cigarette butts also pose hazards.

An “Open Air Burn Permit” must be obtained to conduct open air fires in Caledon and open fires are only permitted in approved areas. Permits are now available online at, or may be obtained in person at the Fire Administration Headquarters (6211 Old Church Road, Caledon East) between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday. The price of an annual permit is currently $42.00. Failure to obtain an open air burn permit may result in a fine.

Materials from your lawn, yard or garden are also being collected as yard waste by the Region of Peel. Yard waste pick up information can be found at

For more detailed information about open air burn permits, please contact Caledon Fire & Emergency Services at 905.584.2272 x.4303.


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