Peel Residents Beware: Purchasing a Transponder Tag is not Required for Waste Carts

It has been brought to the attention of Peel’s Waste Management staff that a flyer has been delivered to residents’ households in the Southfields area of Caledon. 

The flyer indicates that, as part of the Ontario Bin Transponder Initiative, residents need to purchase a transponder tag for their waste carts by visiting  This initiative is unknown to the Region of Peel and is not endorsed – nor required – for any waste collection carts.  

Residents have been strongly advised that they should not process any online transactions as a result of this flyer, or provide any personal or financial information at the website mentioned above.  

We would like to emphasize that this initiative is not endorsed by the Region and residents are not required to purchase a transponder tag for their waste carts.  We have also notified Ontario Provincial Police and local authorities.  

 Additionally, the Region of Peel’s Waste Management on road staff has been made aware of this situation and is watching for this activity in other neighbourhoods.  

more info 


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