Volunteers Wanted for Peel 20,000 Homes Campaign June 4th – June 10th‏

Peel is participating in the 20,000 Homes Campaign. 20,000 Homes is a national campaign that aims to house 20,000 of the most vulnerable individuals across Canada by July 2018. A variety of community partners in Peel are working together on this campaign and are conducting a Registry Week June 4th – June 10th. The purpose of Registry Week is to do a “count” of all the homeless and vulnerably housed individuals in Peel, and to do a survey with each individual to determine what each persons’ unique needs are. This information will be used to better triage individuals into housing services and supports.

We are looking for volunteers (18 years of age and up) to support us with this process. There are 3 ways you can get involved:

·         Be on a survey team and conduct the survey with homeless individuals alongside front line staff

·         Assist in entering the data collected by the survey teams

·         Volunteer to support the logistics of Registry Week


If you are interested in volunteering please register here: http://www.20khomespeel.ca/get-involved/volunteer



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