Tuesday June 28th LAUNCH‏

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Good afternoon,

 I am excited to follow up with all of you as the date approaches for the construction launch and brand reveal at 4 Industrial Road!  I hope to see all of you there! I will be presenting the (short) key message on behalf of the Caledon Community Services at 5:30.  Again I truly appreciate the support you have all shown me and the various projects that make our community the wonderful place it is.  Please see the attached invite, and join me for this amazing project launch.

Thank you, please bring friends!


Important message from Mayor Allan Thompson‏

June 22, 2016

From Mayor Allan Thompson:

Tomorrow’s meeting of Peel Regional Council may be the most important since the formation of Regional Government in Peel.
It’s important that you as residents understand the impacts and potential risks to Caledon should there be changes to our representation at Peel Regional Council.
Since the Region was formed in 1974 Caledon has had five Regional Councillors. The Government of the day recognized the need for effective rural representation. Historically, representation is determined in two ways, for communities over 150,000 a representation by population method is used, for communities under 150,000 representation by area is used. That way both urban and rural issues are fairly represented.
In 2013 Brampton Council brought the issue of fair representation to Regional Council given the tremendous amount of growth over the last decade, that began a process which has led to the report being considered tomorrow. It’s important to know that we are supportive of increasing Brampton’s representation at the Regional Council table.
The City of Mississauga recently released their strategic plan which indicates that they are expected to grow by another 300,000 residents; again Caledon is not opposed to adequate urban representation to accommodate that growth.
Caledon’s five regional seats represent the rural, growing small urban, agricultural, environmentally sensitive, and conservation voice of the Region. It is no more and no less important than the large urban voice.
For more than 40 years Caledon has worked collaboratively with the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton respecting their individuality and urban challenges and in turn they have respected our uniqueness and rural/near urban challenges. We may not always agree, but we had always respected each other.
The risk tomorrow is that Caledon could lose seats at a time in our history when we will are in need of critical infrastructure for the sustainability of our community and decisions on our future will be made by those who may not fully understand, share or appreciate our local vision and values.
I said at the beginning that this may be the most important meeting in the history of Regional Government, I will stand firm in fighting for the our voice at the Region.
The meeting is open to the public and will begin at 9:30am in the Peel Region Council Chambers 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite A 5th Floor.
Fast Facts:
  • Caledon is 56% of the land mass in Peel
  • We are responsible for the preservation and stewardship of the majority of Peel’s watershed, greenspace and natural heritage in compliance with four pieces of provincially protective legislation; Greenbelt, Niagara Escarpment, Places to grow and Oak Ridge’s Moraine
  • Caledon’s Whitebelt area and urban communities will experience growth over the next 30 years
  • Caledon has over 3,400 kilometers of roads and 205 bridges
  • Caledon has been a strong and supportive partner in Regional Government since it began in 1974

Town of Caledon scoops three financial reporting awards

Town of Caledon scoops three financial reporting awards

The Town of Caledon won three awards for financial reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of North America. The awards were given for the 2015 budget, 2014 financial statements and the 2014 popular annual financial report.

“I congratulate and thank our staff on behalf of the municipality,” said Mayor Allan Thompson.  “I am extremely proud of their accomplishments.  To win three GFOA awards for financial reporting is just fantastic!”

Today, the 2015 Financial Statements, along with a number of financial reports for fiscal 2015, will be presented at Council for review. Within those reports – a couple of which are listed below – highlights include an increase in reserves, a manageable deficit that will be offset by those reserves, and a healthy rate of return on long-term investments.

Healthy returns and sound planning

·        The Treasurer’s Investment Report highlights the Town’s investment activity in 2015, including returns of 2.27% on long-term investments.

·        The Town’s Reserve Fund Report outlines the year-end balances in the Town’s reserve funds from 2010 to 2015.  With an overall reserve balance of $32.2 million in 2010, the Town’s reserves have increased to $96.2 million as of December 31, 2015 with significant growth in development charge reserve funds, asset replacement reserves, and contingency reserves.

The Town remains committed to providing transparent and understandable financial information to all Town of Caledon stakeholders.  The Town will be submitting its 2015 Financial Statements for an award again this year. To view the award-winning reports, caledon.ca/budget

Under the Maples -Practically Hip


“Only the Hip Do It Better”

Under the Maples Charity Concert

Featuring Practically Hip

Belfountain, Ontario

June 25, 4-9pm

Belfountain, ON. For disappointed Tragically Hip fans, there may be some reprieve as Canada’s #1 Hip tribute band, “Practically Hip”, takes centre stage at the second annual “Under the Maples” concert presented by the Belfountain Community Organization (BCO) on This year’s concert is held in support of the Canadian Red Cross Fort McMurray Relief Fund.

Gates open at 4pm with performances to 9pm. Tickets can be purchased online at www.ticketpro.ca at $20 pp. plus handling fee, or $20 each at select locations onsite or at the gate. Guests are encouraged to arrive early, and bring a chair or blanket as there is no reserved seating.

Under the Maples is generously hosted at the property of local businessman Bill Moffat, at 17360 Mississauga Rd, opposite the Caledon Ski Club which has provided complimentary parking.

For information or tickets visit www.belfountain.ca or call 519-993- 1715.


“Caledon Community Services is on the move again – to better serve Caledon – come out on June 28th to the construction site at 4 Industrial Rd, Bolton and hear all about the exciting plans from Councillor Johanna Downey, view the concept unveiling as well as be the first to see a fantastic new video from renowned director and videographer Kurt Dettbarn. A brief and exciting hour or so of your time, not to be missed.”


Black Bear Sighting in Caledon

FROM/DE: CALEDON                                                              DATE: June 14, 2016


(CALEDON, ON) – Members from the Caledon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to advise that there have been 2 reported sightings of a black bear in Caledon recently.  The locations were as follows: Caledon King Town Line near Columbia Way as well as Kennedy Road near Highpoint Side Road. 

Typically, black bears avoid humans.  They reside throughout the majority of Ontario, mainly in forested locations where it is most desirable for food, refuge, and den sites.  A black bear might attack if it feels threatened or is a predatory bear.

Although these sightings are unconfirmed, we advise that you please exercise significant caution if you happen to spot or come across a black bear and to please report it to police.     

For Emergency Encounters call 911

An emergency encounter could be a black bear:

  • entering a school yard when school is in session
  • entering or trying to enter a residence
  • wandering into a public gathering
  • killing livestock/pets and lingering at the site
  • stalking people and lingering around for an extended period of time

For Non-Emergency Encounters call 1-888-310-1122

A non-emergency encounter could be a black bear:

  • roaming around and checking garbage cans
  • breaking into a shed where garbage or food is stored
  • is in a tree
  • pulling down a bird feeder or knocking over a barbecue
  • moving through a backyard or field but is NOT lingering

For more information on black bears, visit: www.ontario.ca/page/prevent-bear-encounters-bear-wise.

– 30 –

Contact:  Provincial Constable Tamara Schubert

CSO/Media Officer

Caledon OPP

Phone:  (905) 584-2241 ext. 4054

                (416) 709-6265