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BRAMPTON, ON (September 14, 2016) – The Region of Peel is issuing a challenge to its residents.

Forty per cent of the food that Peel households throw out is avoidable food waste. Can residents cut their food waste and their food bills, too?

“The average household could save up to $112 per month by reducing its food waste with the three simple tips that we’re suggesting,” says Norm Lee, the Region’s Director of Waste Management. “If every household could cut its food waste by the equivalent of one watermelon this year, then we could reduce Peel’s food waste by one per cent this year.”

The Region is pleased that Peel residents have met the challenge of ensuring that any organics that they throw out are placed in their backyard composters or new green organics carts, rather than in the garbage. But, recent curbside audits show that 40% of the food waste that residents throw out is avoidable food waste. Approximately half (53%) is leftovers that could have been eaten, and the other half (47%) is untouched food.

The audit showed that households are throwing out bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products that could have been eaten.

The Region’s three “smart tips” to help Peel’s households meet this challenge are:

  • 1) Plan smart: Check what you have and how many meals you need to prepare, and create a list before shopping.
  • 2) Buy smart: Stick to your shopping list, and buy only what you can use before it spoils.
  • 3) Store smart: Eat older items first, freeze what you can’t use or are tired of eating (such as leftovers), and check for more helpful hints at

Leading up to Thanksgiving, the Region’s Twitter account will feature smart tips about how to cut your food waste and food bill. Residents are encouraged to join in the conversation, by using the hashtag #cutfoodwaste, to share how they are cutting their food waste and how well they met the challenge.

The Region of Peel provides waste management services in the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and in the Town of Caledon. For more information on this campaign, check

Headwaters Arts Festival

You are invited to attend the Headwaters Arts Festival’s opening night Gala party this Friday Sept. 16. This is an opportunity to socialize with others from the Headwaters Region, enjoy some refreshments and live music and see some spectacular art.

The annual juried show has been opened up to artists from across the province. The Gala is an opportunity to meet the artists and find out about their work first hand, as well as having first crack at purchasing any works prior to the show being opened to the public.

image001This is a fundraising event, with a ticket cost of $50 incl. tax. For tickets or more information go to:

The Festival runs for four weeks and includes many other shows and events including authors and film nights, numerous open studios and live theatre at Theatre Orangeville. For a complete list of activities, go to

Even if you can’t make the gala, I suggest you set aside some time in the next month to partake in some of the Festival’s offerings. We are also promoting the Headwaters Region as a destination for out-of-town folk to enjoy the fall colours and an incredible array of arts and cultural activities.