Emterra Labour Negotiations Update

Will the entire Region of Peel be affected?

Approximately 60 per cent of curbside residents in the Region of Peel may be impacted by the potential labour disruptions. 

How will residents know if they are affected?

Residents can refer to a map of the Region of Peel (see addendum) to find out if their household may be affected by the labour dispute. 

Please note: It is anticipated that residents who live in a multi-residential building, or are serviced by the Region’s other collection contractor, should not be affected.   

How long will the labour disruption last?

It is unknown how long the labour disruption will last but Region of Peel Waste Management staff will work to ensure that residents and Regional Council Members are kept up-to-date with service impacts and status updates. 

What do residents do if there is a strike and their waste is not collected?

The Region strongly advises residents to leave their waste at the curb; it will be collected as quickly as possible.  If residents would like to drop off their materials at one of the Region’s Community Recycling Centres (CRCs), residential disposal fees will be waived for garbage, recycling, and yard waste and hours of operation will be extended. 

Where can I send residents for more information about the labour disruption? 

Residents will be kept up-to-date at peelregion.ca/waste, and on Twitter @regionofpeel.  Also, they are encouraged to sign up for the Region’s Connect to Peel newsletter at peelregion.ca; there will be special notices distributed through email.  Additionally, if residents call the Region they will receive automated information about the labour disruption. 


Should residents call or report problems online? 

No, during a strike residents will not be able to report their problems or missed collection online.  Online, phone, and email reporting of missed collections will be disabled.  It is anticipated that a large number of residents will experience delays and Waste Management staff will be actively working with residents to resolve those problems from the road.   

How will Region of Peel Waste Management staff keep my office up-to-date with information?

Waste Management staff will provide all Regional Council members with daily updates regarding the status of waste collection, impacted areas, and any next steps.  Additionally, as more information becomes available, pre-crafted communication and revised question and answer documents will be provided to all members of Regional Council.     

Collection zone whole map 6.jpg


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