Mayfield West Village Centre

On December 13th staff report 2016-147 (Mayfield West Community Centre) was presented at the Town of Caledon General Committee. At that time, I tabled an amendment to have the Community Centre built as Option “B” with an aquatics component. Following much debate, the amendment failed at Committee with a 4 to 3 vote. Last night, the report came to Council for ratification and I again tabled an amendment to have the facility include an aquatics centre.  The amendment was passed by Council in a 4 to 3 vote in favour of the aquatics component.

 Staff worked diligently on this report and I respect their hard work and the options presented.  Not often do I disagree with staff recommendations, but in this instance, following extensive input from the local community, I felt it was in the best interests to pursue the aquatics centre.

I know my community;  the Village Centre will be the heart of Mayfield West, a place we will all be proud of.


Natural Snow Fence in Action!


Hi Everyone;

I just wanted to pass on a photo which illustrates the Region’s Natural Snow Fence program and how well corn left in fields prevents snow from blowing on the road. It stops the snow within itself which reduces white out conditions and minimizes the amount of snow blowing across ( and potentially sticking to) the pavement. This particular location is Airport Rd about 700m north or Charleston Sideroad.

Short Survey for Road Safety in Peel

Dear Stakeholders,

This post is to provide you with an update on the development of the Road Safety Strategic Plan for Peel Region.

Since workshop #1 in May, a questionnaire was developed to obtain feedback from the public about safety concerns in Peel. The feedback received from the public in conjunction with the collision analysis conducted by the project team will assist us to identify emphasis areas – areas that should be given priority to improve road safety. During Workshop #2 which will take place in February 2017, we will together determine the final emphasis areas for the study based on the results of the collision analysis, results of the survey, and Region’s priorities.

To prepare for this next step, we would like to ask you to complete the same short survey presented to the public, and pass the survey along to your interested contacts. We’d appreciate it if you can complete the survey by December 23, 2016. The survey will take around 5 mins to complete and is accessible via the following link:

We are working diligently to get the word out about this project, so please consider including mention of the Road Safety Strategic Plan in your communications with those who live or work in Peel.

Public Information Centres (PICs) will be held on the following dates:

January 17, 2017: Caledon Community Complex (2-9pm)

January 18, 2017: Bramalea City Centre (2-9pm)

January 19, 2017: Erin Mills Town Centre (2-9pm)


We will contact you in the New Year with the details of Workshop #2.

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to view the project website at

Town of Caledon – Winter Parking Ban issued

December 16, 2016

For Immediate Release

Town of Caledon – Winter Parking Ban issued

The Town of Caledon has issued a Winter Parking Ban effective 11:59 p.m. Friday, December 16, 2016.

All vehicles must be removed from roadways in order to ensure safe and timely road clearing.

Residents have 12 hours from the time the Winter Parking Ban is issued to remove their vehicles from the roadway and find alternate parking.

This Ban will remain in place until removed by the Director of Finance and Infrastructure Services.

How to I stay up-to-date on Winter Parking conditions and restrictions in the Town of Caledon. 

What do I need to know about snow removal and Winter Parking Bans in Caledon? 

  • Following a forecast by Environment Canada for a snowfall of 7 cm. or greater, or ice coverage, the Director of Finance and Infrastructure Services may issue a Winter Parking Ban.
  • When a Winter Parking Ban has been issued, vehicles may not be parked on roadways in Caledon at any time until the ban is lifted.
  • Any Overnight Parking Exemptions that have been granted will be cancelled.
  • Parking Enforcement Officers will work in conjunction with Road Clearing Crews ticketing/towing vehicles in violation of the Ban, in order to ensure compliance and safety of drivers and citizens. Parking Enforcement Officers will allow a 12-hour grace period from the beginning of the Winter Parking Ban before enforcement begins.
  • Vehicle Owners are responsible for tickets and towing charges. Owners will be advised of towing locations by calling the Finance and Infrastructure Services department at 905.584.2272 or by visiting
  • Upon completion of road clearing operations and based on weather forecast information, the Director of Finance and Infrastructure Services will lift the Winter Parking Ban.
  • Visit for more information

Will you give where you live?

Will you give where you live?

By Monty Laskin, Caledon Community Services

 A line in the song we all hear over and again this time of the year is, “It’s the hap –happiest season of all”. As the attached article shows, it’s not everyone’s reality.  Caledon Community Services works throughout the year in effort to make it a reality for every one of your ward residents in need in our community. 

The success of CCS’ Santa Fund  strikes at the heart of poverty in our community and strengthens the very programs that focus on ‘moving the needle’ on poverty and all aspects connected to its harmful reach.

 The song also goes on to say that it is truly, “…the most wonderful time of the year”, largely because of the heartwarming responses from the community to the Santa Fund. The campaign delivers smiles over the holiday season and a better new year for our friends, neighbours and family members in need of a hand up out of poverty. While the article appeals to Caledon for Caledon, it is equally applicable to all communities in the Region of Peel.

Happy holidays!


image005Donna Cragg
Manager Communications and Marketing
Caledon Community Services
T.905.584.2300 ext 222    M.416.799.9892