Will you give where you live?

Will you give where you live?

By Monty Laskin, Caledon Community Services


 A line in the song we all hear over and again this time of the year is, “It’s the hap –happiest season of all”. As the attached article shows, it’s not everyone’s reality.  Caledon Community Services works throughout the year in effort to make it a reality for every one of your ward residents in need in our community. 

The success of CCS’ Santa Fund  strikes at the heart of poverty in our community and strengthens the very programs that focus on ‘moving the needle’ on poverty and all aspects connected to its harmful reach.

 The song also goes on to say that it is truly, “…the most wonderful time of the year”, largely because of the heartwarming responses from the community to the Santa Fund. The campaign delivers smiles over the holiday season and a better new year for our friends, neighbours and family members in need of a hand up out of poverty. While the article appeals to Caledon for Caledon, it is equally applicable to all communities in the Region of Peel.

Happy holidays!


image005Donna Cragg
Manager Communications and Marketing
Caledon Community Services
T.905.584.2300 ext 222    M.416.799.9892


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