The Mayfield West Village Centre – Update

The Mayfield West Village Centre – Update

My job as a Town of Caledon Regional Councillor is to listen to my community and residents, to speak on their behalf, and to make decisions in their best interests.

This has been the number one issue communicated to me by the residents of Southfield.


The Mayfield West Village Centre and Community Hub has been a topic on the table since I began campaigning in 2014.

I knew that the Mayfield community would grow in population every-day for the length of this term.  In fact, Ward 2 is experiencing the largest amount of rapid growth (under the Provincial Places to Grow Act) Caledon has ever seen.

I was committed to having the centre built during my term of office 2014-2018. 

Community Hubs

While I was at the AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario ) conference in August of 2015, I participated in a seminar along with our Director of Recreation hosted by the Provincial panel on Community Hubs . During the seminar I proudly spoke about how Caledon, being a mixed rural/small urban community, has always practiced the Hub model….we were doing this before it was cool!

Combining services such as recreation, library, parent drop in centres, community program space etc., has always been a part of our daily business and we know from past experience, it serves our communities well. Mayfield West Village Centre is planned using the Hub model. 


I spent the next year bringing community partners and service providers to the table, enrolling the community in the idea that we can follow the provincial mandate on community hubs and build something truly amazing that will fill many of the needs in our community.

I joined with Town staff in touring facilities across Ontario and shared in conversations with other municipalities who have successfully embraced the Hub model and made it their own.

Aquatics Centre vs Lifestyle Pool

There is a significant difference between an Aquatics Centre like the pool at the Mayfield Recreation Centre and a Lifestyle Pool planned for the Village Centre.

The pool at Mayfield is a cold pool with a deep end ideal for aquatics programs – in fact its home to our very own Dorado Swim Club.

The Village Centre Pool will be a  much smaller, warmer and shallow pool ideal for Senior’s programs like aquafit and programs for young families like Parents and tots and learn to swim. It will be an all ages facility. 

Space and Costs

Now that the centre is approved, staff will work with the architect in making the best use of the space and surrounding lands.

I take my fiscal responsibilities as a Councillor at both the Town and Region seriously, always looking at, and open to, innovative cost savings in municipal service delivery.

I looked at the cost vs benefits for the Village Centre and it was clear to me that this was the right decision. 

The Vote

On December 13th staff report 2016-147 (Mayfield West Community Centre) was presented at the Town of Caledon General Committee. At that time, I tabled an amendment to have the Community Centre built as Option “B” with an aquatics component. Following much debate, the amendment failed at Committee with a 4 to 4 tie (a tie vote results in a failed motion).

When the report came to Council for ratification and I once again tabled an amendment to have the facility include an aquatics centre. The amendment was passed by Council in a 4 to 3 vote in favour of my amendment. 

There is a saying that “politics is a battle of ideas”, I understand and I respect that. I also know that when I come to the Council table there will be days that I will be on the winning side of a vote and there will be times when I will be on the losing side of a vote. That’s democracy.

Staff worked diligently on this report and I respect their hard work and the options they presented. Not often do I disagree with staff recommendations, but in this instance, following extensive input from the local community, I knew it was in the best interests of the community I represent to pursue the aquatics centre.

Looking ahead

I know my community, I did my homework and I stand firm in my decision. 

The Village Centre will be the heart of Mayfield West, a place we will all be proud of.


2 comments on “The Mayfield West Village Centre – Update

  1. Kenneth Bokor says:

    Excellent blog and I agree 100 percent. Thanks.

  2. Mary Lou Goulart says:

    Thank you for supporting our community much appreciate in bring a pool to our community which is well deserved I choose to live in Caledon and be part of this community if I chose not to live in Brampton for good reason so why should I be forced to use Brampton community centres . When purchasing my home and if it was mentioned to me that I would need to use centres in Brampton I would have not moved to Southfield. I love my community and want to be in my community not Brampton

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