Badlands Parking Lot Update

Work Progress During Last Two Weeks:

·        Removed temporary concrete barrier

·        Completed placement of concrete curbs along the North side

·        Completed colour concrete in-fill within the proposed parking lot

·        Completed asphalt milling on Olde Base Line Road, from Badlands to Creditview

·        Commenced and continue placement of base asphalt on Olde Base Line Road

·        Completed asphalt removal and excavation at Creditview Intersection


Work to be Performed in the Next Two Weeks:

·        Complete patterned colour concrete splash pad

·        Commence ditching, placement of seed and mulch

·        Complete installation of bike racks

·        Complete installation of safety bollards

·        Complete installation of the parking lot gate

·        Commence installation of pedestrian railing

·        Commence installation of wall railing

·        Commence placement of top asphalt, from Badlands to Creditview




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