Prep Rally for Tour de Headwaters

Find out how to participate in your first cycling tour!

Prep Rally for Tour de Headwaters
Friday, September 15th – 5:30 to 7:00pm

If you are thinking about taking part in your first cycling tour, or want to participate in the 2017 edition of the Tour de Headwaters, but aren’t sure where to start, you are invited to participate in our free cycling prep rally!  Bring your friends and family and learn about what’s required to participate in a cycling tour.

World-class cycling experts from Caledon Hills Cycling will lead participants:

  • Bike Check – ensuring the bike is in good working order
  • Necessary equipment – reflectors, lights, helmet
  • Riding etiquette – right of ways, signals (both on the rail trail and on the road)
  • Nutrition  How to fuel for days on the bike
  • Clothing Options  for different riding conditions
  • Basic Handling  braking, turning
  • Advanced Maneuvers  passing other cyclists, runners
  • Storing your bike – clean, lube, store

The session will conclude with a short group ride on the Greenbelt Cycling Route, where participants can practice their newly acquired skills.

This event is free, but pre-registration is required and limited to 50 participants. A limited number of bikes will be available for rental.



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