Update from Road Operations

Road Operations have been extremely busy this weekend, working 12-hour shifts around the clock to plow, salt and clear our roads. Crews are out in full force and working as quickly and safely as they can.

 As of Monday morning, main streets have been cleared.  Crews are now working on secondary/side streets. If your street has not yet been plowed, we ask for your patience as staff continues to clear and treat roadways.

 How Can You Help?

Remember that a parking ban remains in effect. Please ensure that your vehicle(s) are not parked on roadways. This helps our plows to quickly and safely clear roads.

 Road Closures

Currently there are no road closures because of the weather. If roads do need to be closed, staff will provide adequate signage and detour routes.


As weather warms up there may be flooding in some areas. Our crews are ready to:

·        Clear catch basins;

·        Steam iced-up culverts to get water flowing;

·        Close and detour roads, as required;

·        Stabilize and temporarily repair any road washouts (materials, e.g asphalt grindings, gabion stone, and clear stone are on-hand)


Follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @YourCaledon or download our app to get alerts to your smartphone.



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