Bio: Having spent my life growing up in Caledon, I have been fortunate to witness the changes and developments that have occurred in communities across Ward 2. I have gained insightful knowledge from those who have spent generations in Caledon as well as the growing number of those who have just settled in. My drive stems from a combination of rural roots and urban perspective.  I believe that this is the key to strengthening and building the community. Caledon has much to offer and I am grateful to live, work and raise my family here. Caledon is known as a community of communities. Through strong leadership, bridging the gap between urban and rural lifestyles, our residents will feel a stronger connection to their community. Working hard to serve you.

Living: Providing leadership in areas of health and recreation, facility and program development for all ages and, promoting active and in place living for the aging population.

Working: Flexibility for agricultural operations to diversify and engage in growth partnerships that allow them a productive and sustainable business model.

Growing: Embracing a booming urban population and the challenges that come with planned growth while maintaining the heritage of our landscape.

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