Here you can find information regarding the Monarch Plastics Company and all relative information.

November 2014:

This information contains links from November 2014.

The following pdfs explain

1) Three “What If” scenarios

2) An excerpt from the Growth Plan Comprehensive Municipal Review

3) An excerpt from the PPS Municipal Review

1. Change of use support chart

2. Growth Plan Comprehensive Municipal Review

3. PPS Municipal review 2014

February 2015:

The following link contains various development applications with high public interest, including MPL. The Town will provide ongoing status updates to these applications on this page.

Fact Sheet – Employment Growth Planning in the Town of Caledon – Monarch Plastics

The following information is prepared to assist citizens in understanding the Employment Growth Planning process in the Town of Caledon, along with how development applications are processed, specifically Monarch Plastics.

Keeping informed on developments in my Community

Site Plan Applications are available for viewing by the public.

Residents may visit the Town of Caledon Development and Approval, Planning Policy counter during regular business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday or call 905.584.2272 x. 4291 to speak to a Planner.

To date (document updated December 3, 2014), a site plan application for Monarch Plastics has yet to be filed with the Town. The processing of site plan applications is not a matter which requires the Town to provide notification. As this Application comes forward, however, the Town will work to keep citizens informed of its progress.

What are the benefits to a business such as we are currently seeing in south Caledon (Monarch Plastics)?

The Town’s goal is to improve our industrial assessment and the Town of Caledon has always been well-positioned for companies to locate in Caledon, close to the major Provincial highways. Town Council and staff have worked hard to position Caledon as a viable, vibrant and flexible place to do business.

Benefits to the community include significant increase to the tax base, initial development fees, jobs close to home, road improvements, commitment and investment in community facilities such as parks, recreation, tree-planting and so on.

About the Site Plan Approval Process

What is a Site Plan Application?

A site plan is submitted by the landowner to receive approval to construct, erect or place one or more buildings on their lands, while meeting all zoning and development guidelines and standards of the Town. The Plan is submitted and reviewed by Town staff. If the site plan is submitted and is in conformity with all Planning guidelines under the Official Plan and the Zoning Bylaw, it will be approved.

How is a Site Plan Application approved?

General information on the site plan approval process can be found on the following section of the Town’s website:


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