Southfields Proposed Community Centre

The Town is currently in the planning phase of building a new multi-use community centre in Southfields on an 8-acre parcel of land located at the southeast corner of Kennedy Road and Dougall Avenue. As part of the Town’s 2015 Parks and Recreation Visioning Plan, staff is proposing a Community Hub model that provides a co-operative system for delivering a diverse range of recreation and community based services to the rapidly expanding westside of Caledon.

The consultants report prepared by Montieth Brown and the supporting staff report are available on-line, I would encourage you to review and share your thoughts with me via email. We need to get this right, a balanced facility that meets the needs of our community will create an anchor in the village core that supports residents and business’ alike.

Read it here

February 2018

Mayfield West Phase 1 – Community Centre

Construction for the new community centre in Southfields is underway and will continue into 2018. A groundbreaking ceremony took place on site in the fall of 2017.

The new 65,000 square foot community centre will be located on the southeast corner of Kennedy Road and Dougall Avenue, located opposite a retail plaza. Residents will be able to enjoy the variety of amenities in the building such as the town’s first two-tank swimming pool, fitness centre and aerobics studio, multi-purpose space, youth and senior’s dedicated rooms and community hub space for the library, OPP, EarlyON Centre and other hub partners.

(the rendering of the community centre is the artists interpretation of the building. The actual centre may look different than the rendering presented)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can my children get to/from school safely? What route should they take?

· During construction, the sidewalk on the south side of Dougall Avenue (east of Kennedy) will be closed. School crossing guards will assist children to cross to the north side of Dougall Avenue

· Approximately 30 minutes before and after school, crossing guards will be posted at:

o the Kennedy/Dougall intersection – 1 crossing guard; and

o the Learmont/Dougall intersection- 2 crossing guards.

· This temporary closure will be clearly signed at both intersections to advise pedestrians to cross at the designated area and travel east to west on the north side of Dougall Ave. This temporary closure will remain during active construction.

· View the closure map below.

Is there another community space that residents can use while the community centre is being built?

· The Town is finalizing temporary program space within the Southfields community. This will allow our recreation staff and the community hub partners an opportunity to deliver some programming in advance of the completion of new community centre. More information will be provided soon.

When can residents expect construction vehicles and equipment to be operational and making noise?

· Construction will take place within the hours stated in the Town’s Noise by-law (6 a.m. – 11 p.m.)