SWIFT Model for High Speed Internet

In September 2015, Town of Caledon Council adopted the South Western Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) model for the Town’s high speed internet strategy.

·       In partnership with more than 15 municipalities, the SWIFT project objective is to implement a regional (South Western Ontario) fibre-optic based network that will be owned / operated by the private sector and that will result in internet service speeds of 1 Gbps for under $100/ month.

·       The infrastructure will be open to all Internet Service Providers to deliver their service over.

·       This model seeks to facilitate the expansion of fibre based services across the region, where it has been fiscally prohibitive (according to the service providers), by lessening the financial burden of the initial capital investment on private sector internet service providers.

·       The initial capital investment will be funded by way of Federal, Provincial, Municipal contributions and private sector (e.g. internet service provider) investment.

·       At present, the Town is recommending a special levy of $300,000 per year which results in $1,200,000 to $1,500,000 over 4 and 5 years respectively.

·       The plan is that this investment will translate into an approximate $22,500,000 fibre infrastructure buildout in Caledon with Federal, Provincial, and Private contributions also factored in.

·       Continued investment is anticipated until full buildout.

·       The timelines for this project are dependent on several factors, including the announcement of funding from the Federal and Provincial governments, and subsequent public procurement process required to secure the private sector internet service provider.  It is anticipated that the network design and internet service provider procurement phases will be completed in 2016, with the buildout of the network starting in 2017.

More information on the SWIFT project is available at:  http://swiftnetwork.ca/